SAS Charter

In collaboration with a number of tour operators you can fly charter with SAS to your destination. It is also possible to charter your own SAS aircraft when you want a more flexible and tailor-made experience for a larger group of people.  

Charter flights

SAS cooperate with a number of tour operators to help you to discover more of the world. Whether you have booked a package trip or just a seat with them we want to give you our best service.

If you have booked a trip with one of our partnered tour operators and are traveling on SAS flight with number SK7200–SK7999, you are traveling on a charter flight.  We have gathered some useful information for you below.

Detailed information

The amount of baggage you can bring on your trip depends on what type of ticket you are traveling on, the route and sometimes the destination. Therefore we recommend that you always check with your tour operator what applies to your specific trip. If you need to bring more baggage in addition to your confirmed baggage allowance, you can purchase it in advance at a discounted fee. You can always bring at least one carry-on bag and one personal item such as a small handbag or laptop in the cabin free of charge.

Your confirmed baggage can be found on your ticket voucher/order confirmation. Any extra baggage you enjoy as a EuroBonus member is not included when you travel on a SAS Charter flight.

Add extra bags

More details

  • Each bag may weigh up to 32 kg.  If your bag is heavier than 32 kg, you'll need to divide the weight into at least two bags or send it as air freight. This does not apply to special baggage. 

  • If you're traveling with an infant, you can bring a stroller for free (max. 10 kg). No pre-booking is required, but you need to send it as checked baggage.

  • Checked bags must be marked with the bag tags you receive at the bag drop. You can also get address labels to mark your bags at the airport. 

  • Read the dangerous goods information before your flight and see our general terms and conditions of carriage.

Different rules apply for special baggage on charter flights. You may pre-book and prepay transport of special baggage.

Pre-book special baggage


Below are the fees for special baggage items. These prices are one-way and applies when you pay online in advance. It is also possible to pay at the airport, but at a higher cost.

Special baggage fee (one-way)

  • Max. weight: 25 kg

  • 400 SEK, 350 DKK, 400 NOK, 40 EUR

Diving equipment
  • Max. weight: 25 kg

  • 350 DKK, 350 NOK, 350 SEK, 35 EUR

Fishing rod
  • Max. weight: 2 kg

  • 20 DKK, 20 NOK, 20 SEK, 2 EUR

Golf bag
  • Max. weight: 15 kg

  • 250 DKK, 250 NOK, 250 SEK, 30 EUR

Hang glider (non-motorized)
  • Max. weight: 30 kg

  • 450 DKK, 450 NOK, 450 SEK, 50 EUR

Kite board**
  • Max. weight: 20 kg

  • 300 DKK, 300 NOK, 300 SEK, 35 EUR

Skis/water skis***
  • Max. weight: 12 kg

  • 200 DKK, 200 NOK, 200 SEK, 25 EUR

  • Max. weight: 15 kg

  • 250 DKK, 250 NOK, 250 SEK, 30 EUR

Walking poles
  • Max. weight: 2 kg

  • 20 DKK, 20 NOK, 20 SEK, 2 EUR

Windsurfing board incl. sail
  • Max. weight: 30 kg/ 4 m

  • 450 DKK, 450 NOK, 450 SEK, 50 EUR

* Bicycles can only be transported if they are packed in a suitable protective bicycle bag, bicycle carton or similar container. Electrical bikes are not allowed onboard SAS flights.

** One kite board or one bag containing one kite board and one kite sail and belonging equipment.

***  A ski case may contain one pair of skis and ski poles or one snowboard, not exceeding 8 kg. Boots and helmet shall be placed in a separate bag. It's not possible to check in a multi-ski case. 

If you have a favorite seat, or if you are a travel company who want to sit together, you can always pre-book your seat and pay in advance.

Pre-book your seat

Online Check-in

If you have pre-booked seats on your SAS Charter flight you can check starting 7 days before your trip and up until 72 hours before departure. This option applies when you travel from most Scandinavian destinations. If you have baggage included in your ticket you need to print out a bag tag at the airport.

Self-Service Check-in

Save time at the airport by checking in at a Self-Service Check-in, which is available at most of our departure airports in Scandinavia. You can also print your boarding pass and bag tags here. Attach the bag tags to your baggage and save the receipt. Drop your bags at the bag drop.

Manned Check-in Counter

You are more than welcome to use our manned counter for personal service. The check-in counter opens two hours before the flight departure, according to timetable. Local changes regarding opening hours may apply. If you have baggage to check in, we recommend to check in as early as possible. 

If you need assistance at the airport it is important that you inform your tour operator at the time of booking. This means, for example, a carrier aid or if you need a wheelchair to board the aircraft. To ensure you get the help that you need, please contact your tour operator for more information. 

More about special travel needs  

Wheelchairs used by persons with a physical disability can be checked in free of charge.

On most SAS Charter flights you have the opportunity to book a standard or special meal for your flight. Contact your tour operator for more information.

On most SAS Charter flights you can order duty-free items online for onboard delivery on your outbound trip or return trip. Some restrictions apply to alcoholic beverages and tobacco products, depending on the origin and destination of the flight.

Order duty-free items

Charter an aircraft

If you are looking for the fastest, easiest and most comfortable way to travel – why not charter / rent your own SAS plane?

At SAS we have a dedicated and experienced team to manage ad hoc charter request. We believe that each traveler’s experience is singularly important, no matter how big or small your group is.

To request a quote, please complete the form below and our specialist Charter team will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Benefits & details

Here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy when chartering a SAS plane.

  • Efficient, friendly and dedicated single point of contact to meet your needs from start to finish. 

  • You choose the destination and schedule, and we make sure there are no stopovers or scattered departures.

  • Travel on our modern, refurbished SAS fleet with seating for up to 198 persons.

  • Traveling in a closed group is a true time saver, so why not have your event or workshop in the clouds?

  • Personalize your trip. Brand our plane with your company logo.

  • Enjoy priority service. Whiz past the lines at your dedicated check-in desks.

  • Add more comfort and style to your trip with VIP service (available on request at selected airports).

  • Enjoy more flexibility. Provide traveler names up until five business days before you travel and change names free of charge until the day before departure.

  • If you are traveling with a sports team or supporting group we can provide personalized service to meet your needs.

  • For music and media customers; we can meet the special needs of performance artists, rock bands and orchestras, TV camera crews and accompanying media personnel.