SAS Sport

We want to make the flight easier, for everyone of you connected to a sports association and that are flying to/from your sports events. Regardless if you are flying by yourself or with the whole team!

We offer discounted ticket prices for members of SAS Sport. SAS Sport tickets give you the opportunity to bring extra baggage free of charge. This makes travel arrangements easier when you need to bring sports equipment.

SAS Sport tickets are available for members of the Scandinavian sports federations (SIF, NIF, DIF or the Finnish Olympic Committee).

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Benefits & details

  • Discounted prices

  • Each person can bring two checked baggage (2x23 kg)

  • Change travel date free of charge

  • Flexible cancellation policies

  • Name change free of charge

  • Earn EuroBonus-points

Members of SAS Sport can take advantage of discounted airline tickets when traveling as a team. The discount varies depending on your flight's route and travel class.

We understand that a lot of baggage is needed when traveling to sporting events and that is the reason why we offer all SAS Sport members extra baggage at no charge. Each member of your team can fly with two bags weighing 23 kg each, so that nothing needs to be left at home.

You can easily, step by step, register your sports equipment on your flight. Sports equipment counts as special luggage and must be requested and booked in advance to guarantee transport. Ski and snowboard equipment, bicycles and golf equipment are included in this category.

Find out more about how to register the team's sports equipment for a flight with SAS.

Sometimes your travel plans may need to be changed. This is the reason why we offer members of SAS Sport the opportunity to change flight dates free of charge up to one day before departure.

If you change to a higher price range, the difference will be charged.

We are aware that sporting events, training camps and regular competitions can be canceled at any time. Therefore, we offer all members of SAS Sport free cancellation on European and domestic flights.

You can cancel your flight in SAS Go and SAS Plus up to one day before departure and receive a full refund. If the cancellation is made later than one day before departure, a refund is only allowed if proof of canceled sports event can be provided.

When flying to the USA and Asia, you can cancel your flight free of charge up to one day before departure, unless you have a SAS Go Smart ticket. Then you can only cancel your flight for a discounted fee.

SAS Go Smart-, SAS Plus Smart- and SAS Business Smart tickets are non-refundable if the flight is canceled after departure. Partially used tickets are non-refundable.

Have you ever had to replace a team member or leave an injured player at home? SAS Sport gives you the opportunity to change the name of optional airline tickets free of charge. Name changes can be made up to one hour before departure, giving you the freedom to make last minute changes at no extra cost, which is to the great advantage of your team.

Traveling with sports groups can quickly become expensive, especially if you travel regularly as a team. In order to help reduce costs, we give all SAS Sport members the opportunity to also become members of our loyalty program EuroBonus, a points and bonus program that makes it more affordable to fly.

With SAS EuroBonus, you and your team will earn points on every flight with us and our partner airlines in Star Alliance. These points can then be used to pay for your next trip, upgrade your ticket or take advantage of benefits on board.

Group of at least 10 people

If you are 10 people or more who travel together for training or competing, book a group for your sports team, and take part in SAS Sport all the benefits. Send the request now and we will help you with your booking.