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Your flight is delayed

If your flight is delayed, we will inform you as soon as possible by text message and through our app, based on the contact information in your booking. If your flight is significantly delayed and you choose not to travel you may be entitled to compensation.

Make sure the contact details are up to date for all passengers traveling with you. You can review your contact details and your journey in My Bookings

Your rights

If your departure is delayed by more than 2 hours, you are entitled to meals and non-alcoholic beverages in reasonable proportion to the waiting time. Expenses for meals and non-alcoholic beverages must be reasonable. Make sure to keep the original receipts.

If the delay will make you miss your connecting flight, we will book you on the next available flight free of charge.

If you need accommodation (and cannot reasonably return home), you are entitled to a hotel room when an overnight stay for one or more nights becomes necessary or when a longer stay than the one you planned becomes necessary. You are also entitled to transport between the airport and the place of accommodation. Expenses for hotel rooms and transport must be reasonable. You are also entitled to two phone calls or to send two emails.

Make sure to keep the original receipts.

If you choose not to travel due to flight delay more than 5 hours on departure, you are entitled to a full refund of your unused ticket. If you cancel and refund your ticket you are not entitled to delay services such as food, drinks, and accommodation.

To get a refund, log in to My Bookings

If your flight is canceled due to reason within our control you may be entitled to compensation in line with EU Regulation 261 / 2004

Request EU compensation by filling out our online form

When you're not entitled to EU compensation

  • If you were notified more than 14 days before your original scheduled departure date.

  • If SAS can prove that extraordinary circumstances (e.g., weather) caused the cancellation.

You can read more about your rights in our terms and conditions at Conditions of carriage and EU passenger rights.

Note: In general, we do not reimburse consequential costs to a delay, such as the cost of lost work income, pre-paid events and experiences.

Reimbursement of expenses

If you've incurred additional expenses due to a delayed or canceled flight, you can claim compensation through our online form

Make sure to attach a copy of your original receipts.