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Flights to Scandinavia

SAS will take you to many destinations in Scandinavia, giving you access to some of the most amazing and unique destinations in the world.

From Denmark to Norway to Sweden, there is much to see and do in Scandinavia, at any time of the year.

  • Are you obsessed with hiking and can’t wait to wear your hiking boots again? A fan of incredible natural phenomenon, remote forests and the very best that nature has to offer? Or just love the charm of the unique cities and mixing with the locals, whether it be Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Gothenburg, Aarhus and Bergen? Whatever your passion, from design to food, nature to coastal voyages, Scandinavia has it in abundance.

    The first meet-and-greet that you can expect when arriving in Scandinavia is nature. One-of-a-kind, majestic and offering tranquil fjords, vibrant Northern Lights, snow-laden forests and outdoor activities, nature is in every part of this region, and within or only a short trip away from all the major cities.

Book flights to Scandinavia – directly in the map

  • Zoom in the map to see all the Scandinavian destinations we fly to. Click on the destination you find interesting and book right away. Price and availability are updated every time a search is performed.

  • Scandinavia starts at takeoff

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      • cl--check-circle The Scandinavian way is unique. Scandinavia is about simplicity and beautiful design. When you're flying SAS you're flying the Scandinavian way.
      • cl--check-circle We think, the only way to experience Scandinavia to the fullest is flying Scandinavian Airlines.

For urban hedonists – trendy cities

  • Scandinavia is more than just forests, fjords and nature. Cities like Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Bergen, Gothenburg and Aarhus prove this – bursting with an amazing culture, vibrant nightlife and buzzing art scene. 

    Visiting Oslo, for example, will leave you speechless from the futuristic urban scenes. And when stopping in Stockholm, you will get the ideal mix of Scandinavian culture and tradition in a heartbeat. Copenhagen, on the other hand, will show you how a viking village can transform into one of the most vibrant and sophisticated cities in Europe.

  • Stockholm – the capital of Scandinavia

    Stockholm – the capital of Scandinavia
    Whether you are sightseeing and wrapping yourself in the vibrant Swedish culture from dawn to dusk and beyond or you only have a few hours to explore and enjoy the city after a day of business meetings, Stockholm’s beauty and sophisticated culture will likely impress you. 

    The city’s 14 islands feature a picturesque Old Town district, royal palace, historic sites, excellent museums, enjoyable parks and pleasant green spaces, sophisticated restaurants, fabulous shopping, cool design, impressive architecture, a first-class club and music scene – and it’s one of the cleanest and most eco-friendly capital cities in the world.

  • Explore the wonders of Copenhagen

    Explore the wonders of Copenhagen
    Copenhagen, the enchanting capital city of Denmark, is full of historical ambiance and cool Scandinavian culture. You can enjoy royal castles, modern architecture, famous Danish design, wonderful art and history museums and the New Nordic food scene that is famous worldwide.

    Copenhagen is also famous for its progressive bicycle culture. You can borrow a bicycle for free to be like the Danes and pedal between attractions, historic sites, shopping areas, cafés and restaurants in the city center of Copenhagen.

  • Historical sights and modern architecture in Oslo

    Historical sights and modern architecture in Oslo
    Oslo is known for its unique historical sights, the famous Munch Museum, and cool modern architecture such as the Opera House by the charming waterfront. Explore the medieval Akershus Castle and Fortress, fascinating Viking ships and the graceful 19th-century Royal Palace with its manicured gardens. 

    In the summer, bring your picnic basket to the beautiful Vigeland Sculpture Park.

    For a spectacular view of Oslo and the Oslo Fjord, head to the Holmenkollen ski jump just outside the city center.

  • Explore the charms of Gothenburg
    Gothenburg, known as Göteborg in Swedish, is the country’s second-largest city, with Scandinavia’s largest harbor. Home to Volvo and with solid industrial roots, today, Gothenburg is a welcoming vibrant city with a large student population, stylish shopping, excellent museums, buzzing cafés and a culinary scene that is attracting global attention.

    Gothenburg also boasts Michelin stars, world-class events and a picturesque archipelago on its doorstep.

Natural phenomena and fjords

  • During the summer, the Midnight Sun leaves you with a feeling that the night never comes in the northern part of Scandinavia, lasting for days. Enjoy the extended evenings, with the sun setting sometimes as late as 11:30 pm and rising again within a couple of hours.

    Or why not enjoy a leisurely sightseeing boat cruise on some of the Norwegian fjords.

  • The sun that never sets

    The sun that never sets
    During the summer in Scandinavia, the sun never sets. Explore the exceptional beauty of the north of Scandinavia and the remarkable Midnight Sun. The Midnight Sun in Norway and Sweden is a phenomenon occurring in latitudes north of the Arctic Circle, where the sun remains visible at midnight. If the weather is fair, the sun is visible for a continuous 24 hours.

    The further north of the Arctic Circle you travel, the greater the number of days the midnight sun may be visible. The Arctic Circle in northern Norway is located close to the Arctic town of Bodo and south of the Lofoten Islands.

    Great places to see the Midnight Sun's beauty are for example Tromsø and Bodo in Norway or Kiruna in Sweden.

  • Cruise through the Norwegian fjords

    Cruise through the Norwegian fjords
    To enjoy Scandinavia to the fullest with the extended daylight hours, why not cruise through the Norwegian fjords? Start in the far north in Kirkenes, passing the North Cape (known as the northernmost point in Europe) visiting the city of Tromso, the beautiful Lofoten Islands and finish your cruise in the historic city of Trondheim.

For thrill seekers – unique (and icy) experiences

  • Thrill seekers can enjoy a variety of amazing experiences in Scandinavia. Starting from arctic fishing which was the main duty of many Scandinavians in the past up to the amazing hiking experiences in the lush forests of Norway and Sweden. Or take a cruise along the northern coast and sleep in hotels made of ice. 

  • Visit the IceHotel in Kiruna

    Visit the IceHotel in Kiruna
    Approximately 10 miles east of Kiruna is a small village called Jukkasjärvi, the location of the world-famous Icehotel. This amazing building is created each year during the middle of November, where it stays until the temperature rises and it melts away. The entire hotel is made of ice, with machines hauling huge blocks weighing up to 315 stone (2 tonnes), creating a unique design for the hotel each year.

  • The spectacular Northern Lights

    The spectacular Northern Lights
    You can see the Northern Lights all over the northern parts of Norway and Sweden, with coastal areas generally better than inland areas, as the coast has clear skies more often. Like curtains caught by the wind, the Northern Lights are elusive. However, when they do make an appearance, the entire sky explodes in color.


    The best places to see the Northern Lights are for example; Alta, Bodo, Kirkenes, Longyearbyen and Tromsø in Norway. And Luleå and Kiruna in Sweden.


  • Dog sledding safari in Tromsø

    Dog sledding safari in Tromsø
    Fly to Tromsø, northern Norway’s largest city set on an island within the Arctic Circle, a popular destination for an unforgettable and exciting city break. This bustling city full of shops, cafés and bars gives access to some of the most exhilarating excursions and activities, including learning how to train and groom your dogs before taking part in a dog sledding safari.

Fly the Scandinavian way

  • When boarding your flight with SAS, you are greeted by our service-minded and down-to-earth Scandinavian cabin crew. Everything from our cabins to our packaging is made in Scandinavian simplistic design and even our menu has that little Scandinavian touch – primarily made from in-season ingredients in collaboration with great local chefs. So, enjoy the relaxing, stylish and comfortable Scandinavian atmosphere – starting from the moment you begin your journey to Denmark, Norway and/or Sweden. Welcome onboard! Scandinavia starts at takeoff.


  • Scandinavian service

    Scandinavian service
    At Scandinavian Airlines the Scandinavian experience starts the moment you board the plane. 

  • The taste of Scandinavia

    The taste of Scandinavia
    We serve traditional Nordic flavors in simplistic and functionally designed packaging.   

  • SAS Plus – experience something extra

    SAS Plus – experience something extra 
    Get access to Fast Track and SAS Lounge. Relax in spacious and classy cabins within a simplistic Nordic design and enjoy a snack from our contemporary Scandinavian menu. More about SAS Plus

  • SAS For Business

    SAS For Business
    Join our corporate program for companies of all sizes and get instant discounts on nearly all flight tickets.

    Read more about all the advantages with SAS for Business

A sustainable business model

  • Sustainabiity

    It is crucial to find ways to travel without a negative impact on the environment. SAS is fully dedicated to being a part of finding solutions, which we do. Enabling large scale use of Biofuel is one ongoing solution. Read more about our sustainability work

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