General information

When you're traveling with children there's a few things to think about. We've collected the information you need to make it easy for you to enjoy your trip.

Remember that all travelers, even the youngest, need valid travel documents such as tickets and passport. Make sure that the name on the ticket is correct and matches the name in the passport.

Detailed information

  • An infant is at least seven days old but has not yet turned two.

  • If your child will turn two during your trip, you'll need to book a child ticket both ways. Please note that other rules may apply if you're traveling on other airlines.

  • If you're booking a flight on SAS or Wideroe before the child is born, please add the child's name and date of birth afterwards in your booking by contacting Customer Service. Make sure the baby has a ticket and all the required travel documents.

  • At SAS you are considered a child if you are older than 2 but have not yet turned 12 years old (2–11).

  • A child can travel in company of another person who is over 16 years old.

  • At SAS, we offer discounts on children's travel to make it more affordable to travel together.

  • Infants travel for free or with a 90% discount, depending on the destination, when sitting in the lap of another person.

  • Children (2–11) who travel with a person over age 16 get a discount of up to 25%, depending on the destination, price and booking class.

We don't offer child discounts on some special fares to/from the US.

Discovering new places with your kids is an adventure. We want to help you get off to a good start.

  • Remember that you can check-in at home and save time at the airport.

  • Children have their own Fast Track through security at some airports. This is to make sure you and your family don’t get stuck waiting in a long line. Fast Track will give you time to relax and stroll around the airport before boarding your flight.

  • Each seat on all SAS flights to/from the US and Asia has a video screen. We offer a wide selection of films, music channels, fairy tales and video games.

  • Charge tablets and phones. Many SAS aircraft have USB ports, but a power bank can be worth bringing. Don't forget to download favorite movies.

  • Sitting still during a long flight can be boring when you are a kid. Consider booking seats with extra leg space to give your kids more room to play. Feel free to bring crayons, books, snacks etc. in your carry-on.

  • An extra pillow or favorite blanket can be good to bring.

  • All SAS aircrafts have at least one changing table, located in the toilet.

A child sometimes needs to travel on their own. For these occasions we have our Unaccompanied Minor service. SAS offers an Unaccompanied minor service for children age 5–17 on flights within Scandinavia and age 5–15 on European and most other flights.

  • Children age 5–11 are required to use the service.

  • For children age 12–17 the service is voluntary.

Kids can also earn points and enjoy the many benefits of being a member of SAS EuroBonus

  • As a EuroBonus member, your child can collect points and use them for award trips, hotel accommodations and other offers.

  • Children enjoy generous discounts on award trips on SAS and Wideroe.