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      Travelers get more

      Now you receive 4x as many qualifying points and flights when you fly during April to June. 

      In order to give you the possibility to keep or reach a higher SAS EuroBonus membership level, we give you four times as many qualifying points and flights for every trip with SAS and Wideroe during April to June 2021.

      The campaign includes both four times as many qualifying points toward a higher status  (1x Basic points + 3x Status points), and four times as many qualifying flights. Unlike Basic points, Status points are non-redeemable and cannot be used for shopping, and will not be shown on your point balance.

      We hope we have the chance to welcome you on board this spring!

      Questions and answers

      • For which bookings are the campaign valid?
      • What kind of points do I receive during the campaign?
      • Where do I see my qualifying legs and Status points?
      • How will the Status points and qualifying flights affect my tier level?
      • How will my Lifetime Gold status be affected?
      • Why can I not see the points on my EuroBonus account?
      • My tier level has been extended. How does this campaign impact me?

      Summer Traffic Program

      SAS opens 180 direct routes from Scandinavia to Europe in its spring and summer traffic programs. Among other things we are introducing more departures to several destinations around the Mediterranean.

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      Flexible rebooking

      We have introduced more flexible rebooking options so that you can travel now or later. Here you can read more about our different flexible solutions.

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