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Travel Pass Corporate

SAS Travel Pass Corporate

SAS Travel Pass Corporate (TPC) is your company's key to lower prices, simpler administration and more convenient travel. Once you join the SAS Corporate program, you can activate SAS Travel Pass Corporate and start saving money. And don't worry if you need to rebook or cancel – you only pay when you've completed your trip.

Advantages for your company

Travel Pass Corporate lowers your company's travel costs and reduces administration.

  • Save 6% on flights within Scandinavia and Europe (in SAS Plus)
  • Save 14% on intercontinental flights (in SAS Plus and SAS Business)
  • Pay only when you've completed your trip
  • No fees for rebooking or canceling

New! Travel Pass reports

Now you can log in to your Travel Pass profile and see various reports on your business trips. You can see statistics on completed trips, how many clips are left on your card and, if you are an administrator, get a list of travelers. You can also see your travel receipts. The reports can easily be transferred to Excel.

Log in and access the reports

Advantages for travelers

Travel Pass Corporate makes traveling easier and more comfortable for travelers too.

SAS Travel Pass Corporate –
a great reason to join SAS for Business

Activate SAS Travel Pass Corporate

It's easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Click on the link below.
  2. Enter your company code (CMP) and choose Activate.
  3. Add the names of the travelers who will use the company's SAS Travel Pass Corporate account. 
  4. Each traveler can create a personal Travel Pass profile and begin benefiting from SAS Travel Pass Corporate.

Good to know 

Here's some useful information about SAS Travel Pass Corporate. You can also get more information about the SAS Corporate program here